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I awoke feeling very refreshed and energetic, practically leaping out of bed to greet the day.  I glanced at the clock and saw that it was barely 4:30 in the morning, yet I didn't feel tired at all.  I looked around and saw that Lucario was missing.
"Lucario?  Where are you?" I called, looking for him.  A faint whine from the bathroom attracted my attention: Something was wrong.  I ran to the bathroom, where I saw Lucario sitting on the floor, cradling his arm with his back to me.
"Lucario?  What's wrong?" I asked, kneeling next to him.  He hugged his arm closer to his chest to hide it from me, looking at his arm with a sorrowful look in his eye.  I kept my eyes focused on him for a moment before he relented and showed me his arm.
It was coated with yellow fur.
"What on earth?" I exclaimed, looking at his arm.
"I don't know.  I woke up and it was changing colour." Lucario whimpered, looking at his arm in fear.
"We had better get you to the Pokemon Centre.  Make sure that there- Hang on.  You Spoke!" I realised, looking at Lucario.
"No… You just understood me... um… Sarah?  You might want to look in the mirror" Lucario said hesitantly.  I was about to reply to this when I felt my chest explode in pain.  I shrieked as something ever so slowly forced its way through my skin, feeling like my skin was on fire.  When the pain died down, I looked down and screamed:  There was a large spike of pale blue bone poking out of my chest, and the skin around it was covered with Yellow fur!  I stood up and looked into the mirror.
I looked like a freak: a patch of yellow fur on my chest and a large spike was bad enough, but when I looked at my reflection, I saw that one of my ears had elongated and moved to the top of my head, also coated with pale yellow fur!
"What's happening to me?!" I whimpered as I watched the fur slowly spread over my shoulders.  I could only stare in horror as my hand started to distort: the fingers fusing together into black, furry paws.  Then, I felt movement return to my legs and I simply bolted back to my bed and dived under the covers, hoping that this was nothing more than a bad dream and that I would wake up…
…But I didn't suddenly find myself opening my eyes to the morning sun, or to a smiling Lucario.  All that happened was that my body kept changing with varying amounts of pain.  For the whole process, I refused to open my eyes, hoping that if I didn't look, it would stop, but when my spine lengthened into a tail, the pain was so great that I opened my eyes, and saw the extent of my transformation:
I was almost a Full Lucario!  The only things that hadn't changed yet were my neck, my face and my left arm.
Suddenly, my PokeNav started ringing and buzzing around on the table.  I sprinted over to it and answered it, fumbling a bit when I picked it up with my paw instead of my hand.
"Jack?!  Is that you?!" I shrieked, hoping to Arceus himself that it was Jack.
"Sarah?  What's wrong?" Jacks voice rang out.
"I don't know.  I just woke up and I was- Me and Lucario- We were-"
"Sarah, slow down.  I just got a message from Peter about that Clipping: Do NOT expose it to Moonlight under any circumstances."
"I already did last night."
"I was standing by the window with Lucario with the Clipping.  I felt tired, so I went to sleep with the clipping in my- ARGH!" I shrieked in pain as my skull split and my face push out into a muzzle, giving a loud crunching sound as it lengthened.
"Sarah?!  SARAH!" Jack shouted through the PokeNav.
"Help Me!" I managed to say before my throat closed to a moment, reforming into the Vocal Chords of a Lucario.
"Sarah, I'm in Lilycove.  Stay where you are, I'll be there in a few minutes." Jack said before hanging up.  I moaned in pain and fear as my transformation finished, leaving me huddled on the floor next to Lucario, whose fur had finished changing into a Shiny Lucario's fur like me.
"What the hell is going on in there?!" my landlord shouted, pounding on my door.  I jumped to my feet as the lock started to turn: I couldn't let him see me like this!
I dived out of the window as Lucario leaped out of another, the glass raining down around us like thousands of razor sharp knives, but miraculously not hitting either of us.
I turned to look up at the broken window.  The moment I saw the landlords head in the frame, I bolted for the grasslands of the Safari Zone, heading straight for Jacks House.  I heard the Landlord mutter something like; "Is that a Lucario?" but I was too busy running for my life to care.


The moment I hung up the phone, I transformed into my Houndoom Form and ran straight for Sarah's house.  I kept Furyia inside her Pokeball so that she didn't have to run in her condition.  I was about 4 blocks away when I heard the sound of glass shattering, so I quickened the pace and sprinted to her house.  When I got there, I morphed back into my Human form, and kicked the door open, bolting into the lounge room on the second floor where Sarah's Landlord was standing there, looking at me aghast.
"Jack?  You're back?!"
"Where are the Lucario?" I asked, looking out the window at the glass shards on the ground below.
"You've been gone for four months and all you want is to-ulp!" he choked as I grabbed him around the throat.
"I don't have the time or the patience for this crap: WHERE ARE THEY?!" I roared, staring him straight in the eyes.  If the force of my aggression didn't get him to answer, the sight of my piercing silver eyes did the job.
"It…  They… ran for the grasslands; towards the Safari Zone." He spluttered, the blood draining out of his face in fear.
"That's all I needed to know." I said simply, pushing him onto a chair before leaping out of the window and landing in a perfect crouch on the ground below before getting up and sprinting to the Safari Zone, hoping to catch up to Sarah before she got herself in trouble… or worse.
When I got to the grasslands, I released Furyia and morphed back into my Houndoom form.  She promptly fell to her knees under the weight of her egg, but I only had her out so I could let her know what had happened.
"Sarah's finished her Transformation.  She and Lucario have both fled to the Safari Zone; I'm guessing they're heading for my place, but we can get there ahead of them for the rest of the team.  I can tell we're going to need all the help we can get."
"Alright… You might want to hurry though… I think I'm almost ready." Furyia said breathlessly, rubbing her severely bloated belly with both paws, trying to ease the pain of her belly's skin stretching.  I nodded and poked her Pokeball with my tail, withdrawing her and sprinting for my house.
Sarah and Lucario were taking the route to my house through the Safari Zone: A dangerous route at best because not only were there lots of obstacles, but there were also hungry trainers who would kill to get a Pokemon like her.  That route would take them around ten hours because they had to navigate the maze of the Safari Zone, whereas my route would only take about two, because it was effectively a straight line.  I sprinted to my house, knocking people and Pokemon alike out of my path in my haste.  Before long, I arrived at my house and morphed back into my Human Form, Unlocking the door and Releasing Furyia, who immediately hobbled over and collapsed on her soft bed, moaning in pain as her belly gurgled ominously.
"You stay here; I'll be back in a minute." I said, walking to my room and pulling out the silver key I kept with me and unlocking my trophy cabinet.
"It's been a long time since I wore these…" I murmured to myself as I pulled out the box containing my old Pokemon Trainer Gear: My silver and gold gloves, my black denim pants, trimmed with silver, my Pokeball Bandolier, my old leather and plate steel boots, the long Katana I used to carry for emergencies and the hard steel shoulder plates that I made for my coat long before I found Furyia.
As I put all of this on, I heard Furyia give a loud moan in the other room, followed by a relieved sigh.  I knew that she had just given birth to the egg.  I quickly put on the rest of my equipment and walked back out, smiling at what I saw.
Furyia was lying on her bed, gently licking the black and orange egg that was now on the bed; her belly now back to normal size.  I smiled and kneeled down, rubbing my hand between her horns like I always did before I became a Poke-morph.
"I'm proud of you, Furyia." I whispered, gently kissing her on the muzzle.
"I know.  But we have a more pressing issue." Furyia said, nudging the egg towards me.  I nodded and picked it up, carrying it and placing it gently in the incubator in my Study.
"I'm sure that it'll be fine here: for now, we need to find Sarah." Furyia said, getting to her feet, brimming with energy that she had lost during her pregnancy.
"Then let's go.  Just like old times, isn't it?" I remarked, noticing that because of Sarah, I was now back in the full swing of my game.  I stepped over to my computer, knowing that at some stage, someone was going to get in my way, and withdrew my 5 strongest Pokemon: Umbreon, Absol, Mightyena, Gardevoir and Sharpedo (Whom I hadn't used in ages because of me training Skarmory.)
"We have a lot of ground to cover, so we had better get moving." I said, heading for the door, with Furyia following me.  I smiled and gazed at the grasslands in front of me before Furyia and I sprinted down the mountainside, the Katana clattering in its sheath at my side and the Houndoom fang bouncing against my chest as I ran.


I never even got the chance to slow down for breath after I started running for Jacks place.  A few minutes after I entered the Safari Zone, I was spotted by the Park Owners, who promptly started chasing me, intent on finding out what a pair of Lucario were doing in the Safari Zone and hoping to capture me and Lucario before the horde of about 40 trainers chasing us did.  I sprinted on, ignoring the screaming pain in my chest as my lungs screamed for air.
I ducked down behind a small cliff beside the river with Lucario, hoping that they would lose us.  I waited tensely for about 10 minutes as they were literally less than 2 metres away from us before they lost interest and left.  I finally relaxed and caught my breath, turning to Lucario, who looked at me in concern.
"The sooner we get to Jacks, the better." I said, and Lucario nodded.  I leaped up the cliff, and ran into the tall grass, heading for Jacks House.  I ran blindly in the grass before I entered a clearing and ran straight into the legs of another trainer.
"What the hell was- Oh, that's interesting." He said.  I looked up and almost screamed: it was the Art Collector that Jack embarrassed 2 years ago.  "You'll make a fine addition to my team." He said, throwing a Safari Ball at me.
"No!" I cried as Lucario smacked the ball away, standing defensively in front of me.
"Oh, no you don't; you're not getting away from me." The Collector snarled, throwing another Ball at Lucario.  Lucario simply caught the ball with his Aura powers and flung it into the trees.  This annoyed the Collector to no end.
"That's it.  Go, Aggron!" He shouted, calling the massive Iron Armour Pokemon out to soften us up.
I watched in horror as the Aggron pummelled Lucario into the dirt with ease.  As Lucario fell to his knees, I leaped over to him, holding him tightly, hoping that I could protect him from more attacks.
"This is my last Ball.  If I don't get you, I'll make sure no-one will." He said menacingly, throwing the last ball as hard as he could towards us.
Lucario still had some fight left in him though, catching the ball with his Aura and flinging it into the river.
The Collector glared angrily and pointed his finger at me.
"Aggron, kill them."
I whimpered and closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable strike, hugging Lucario tightly in my furred arms…
…But it didn't come.
I heard a loud roar and the sound of something hard striking Aggron.  I looked up and saw a Houndoom tackling Aggron to the ground: A Houndoom that I recognised anywhere.
There was another loud bark from the trees.  I turned around and saw an Absol walking out from the trees, glaring at the Aggron and flanked by a Gardevoir, who looked rather irritated.
"What is this?" the Collector said, looking at the Absol.
"They're called Reinforcements." A familiar voice rang out from the dark trees.  I turned around and saw to my delight; Jack, strolling out of the trees, wearing his old battling glasses and accompanied by Mightyena, Umbreon and a rather vicious looking Sharpedo.  "Remember me?"
The Collector looked furious.
"I see you do remember me." Jack smirked.  I wasn't sure which was more sinister: the Collector because of his enraged expression and the string of abuse he threw at Jack, or Jack for how calmly he took it.
"So much fear… So much noise…" Jack said calmly, staring him straight in the eyes.
"How about we settle this once and for all: Winner gets the Lucario." The Collector said, drawing a Gold Trimmed Pokeball from his belt.
"You really want to risk that?" Jack said calmly, calling his bluff and waving his arm behind him, signalling to all of his Pokemon to get behind him.
"Who said I was talking about your Pokemon versus mine?  Let's see how strong you really are: YOU versus my Pokemon!"
"Jack, don't do it!" I squeaked, hoping to Arceus that Jack understood me.
What Jack did next terrified me: He smiled!
"If you insist."
"Jack, No!" I screamed, but he couldn't understand me.  The Collecter simply smiled.
"Go, Scyther!"
He threw the Pokeball and called forth the ferocious Mantis Pokemon, who looked ready to fight anything because of the red tinted visor that was fitted to its head.
"Now that's just embarrassing… Using Scythers natural hatred of the colour red to your advantage." Jack said, shaking his head in disgust.
The Scyther gave a loud screech and leaped forwards, blades raised.  Incredibly, Jacks reaction time was faster than Scyther, and he had his Katana out and blocked the attack with ease.
"I've seen some stupid tactics, but yours is the worst: Using your Pokemon to do your dirty work." Jack smirked, his blade swinging everywhere, perfectly defending against everything Scyther threw at him.  The battle went on for about a minute before incredibly: Scyther started to tire.  With a spectacular swing, Jack managed to block both of Scythers blades and catch its arms so that it couldn't move
"It's over." Jack said, locking his eyes with Scyther.  Whatever he did, it terrified Scyther because it went stumbling back in surprise before lunging at him again.  Jack wasted no time in blocking Scythers attack one more time and swinging his sword into the ground, taking Scythers arms with it, throwing it off balance.  Jack simply smiled and took the opportunity to land a powerful kick to its head, knocking it out and smashing the visor into a million pieces.
"NO!  Scyther can't be beaten!"
"Well, he has been.  Furyia, make sure the Lucario are safe." Jack said, not taking his eyes off the Collector.
"Oh no you don't!  Aggron, Use Hyper Beam!" the Collector shouted as Aggron charged up a large ball of energy in its mouth.
"Furyia, Use Protect!" Jack called, and Furyia Leaped in front of me and Lucario to protect us from the attack: her body covered by a silvery Aura.  The Collector however just laughed.
"What makes you think I was aiming at Furyia?"
The Aggron unleashed the beam of energy it was charging, straight at Jack!  Jack didn't even have a chance to react before he was blasted into the trees.
"JACK!" I screamed as Furyia leaped into the trees after him.
"Now that they're out of the way, I can finish what I started with you." The Collector sneered, turning to face me.  I struggled a bit against the grass, but I didn't get very far before Aggron clasped his clawed hand around my throat, lifting me off the ground.
"Any last words, Lucario?" the Collector chuckled as I felt the life being squeezed out of me.
Suddenly, there was a mighty roar and Furyia came pelting out of the trees, slamming into Aggron's arm and throwing him off balance.  This caused him to drop me and as I started coughing, feeling fresh air enter my lungs, I heard a deep echoing snarl come from the trees.
"What?" the Collector said surprised.  I turned around, massaging my throat, and saw another Houndoom walking slowly towards me.  This one was unlike any I had seen before; because it had gold fur instead of orange, very dark silver fur, shining gold horns and bright, glowing silver eyes…
…and it looked pissed off.
The new Houndoom simply walked past me and stopped between me and the Aggron, snarling at the Collector.
"Hound… Doom." It growled as Furyia stepped over to it, also staring daggers at the Aggron.
"I'm really getting tired of this: Aggron, Kill them Both!" the Collector screamed as Aggron stepped forward, ripping a large tree out of the ground and holding it like a club.
The new Houndoom didn't even flinch.  In fact, it didn't even move until Aggron swung the tree, when it dropped to the ground, letting the trunk swing harmlessly over its head.  The Houndoom then stood up and took a deep breath.
The Houndoom let loose a bone chilling roar that shattered the still air like it was a mere pane of glass struck with a sledgehammer.  The Aggron was so scared by this that it fell over and scampered back, terrified of the Houndooms Aggression.
"What are you doing?! Get back out there!" The Collector screamed, but before Aggron had a chance to react, the Houndoom had charged over and slammed Aggron with enough force to send it flying about 10 metres.  The Aggron hobbled to its feet, with two deep dents in its steel armour from the Houndooms horns.
"Ah, you're a strong one.  You'll make a fine addition to my team!" the Collector laughed, tossing a Master Ball at the Houndoom.  I watched terrified as the ball flew towards it, seemingly in slow motion, about to hit the Houndoom…
…but it had other ideas, and promptly smacked the ball with its sharp claws with a loud snarl, sending it flying into a tree with enough force, that it shattered upon impact.
"You… My… You just…" the Collector was speechless that a Priceless Master ball was shattered into a million pieces: a Ball that was supposed to have a 100% Capture Rate.  The Houndoom snarled, advancing on the Aggron as the other 6 Pokemon surrounded them.
The Collector wasn't going down that easily though; pulling a small handgun from his pocket and aiming it at the Houndoom…

The next thing I knew: My chest exploded with pain and I fainted.


"SARAH!" I shouted when that bastard Collector managed to miss me and hit Sarah!  The Collector froze in horror upon hearing my very Human voice.
"What the?!  Jack?!"
I snarled and leaped at him, tackling him to the ground, roaring in his face.
The Collector was terrified at the sight of me.  I snarled and lowered my head as if I were going to bite his neck.
"Jack!  Look out!"
I reacted an instant too late, as Aggron managed to tackle me off the Collector, sending me painfully into the dunes.  The Collector took the opportunity to finish me off.
What happened next was my worst Nightmare.  It wasn't a dream: It happened right before me.
"Go, Charizard!" The Collecter screamed, hurling a Pokeball into the air and summoning the mighty Black and Blue Dragon.
"Oh no… no…" I was paralysed in fear upon seeing the colossal dragon.
"Charizard!  HYPER BEAM!" the collecter screamed, pointing at me.
I watched in horror as the black Charizard  started charging the devastating Hyper Beam in its fanged maw.  I couldn't move, I had no hope of evading and I couldn't muster up the energy for an attack… it was exactly like what I had seen in my recurring nightmare…  I watched as it blasted the deadly beam of energy straight at me…
I turned around in horror as Furyia leaped over my immobilised body, directly into the path of the incoming attack!
The Hyper Beam made contact and threw her over my body, landing with a sickening crunch on the sand and sharp rocks.  I got up so fast and leaped over to her motionless body.  I stopped over her, nuzzling her in the hope that she was still alive.
"Furyia, are you OK?  Furyia!"
I saw Furyia's eyes fluttered open and she smiled weakly.
"You're OK…  That's everything I need to know…" she whispered, her eyes sliding in and out of focus; a large pool of blood oozing out from underneath her, soaking into the sun-bleached sand.
"Come on, get up."
"I can't… I've gone as far as I can go."
"Come on.  I've seen you pull through worse than this, get up!"
Furyia's eyes fluttered closed for a moment before she looked me straight in the eyes.
"I've done all that I hoped to do.  You found me, raised me, and saved me at the cost of your freedom, now I am saving you at the cost of my life…"
"Furyia, I have been looking after you for the past five years, and we still have out daughter to care for.  I can't do that alone… I can't lose you now.   Please… get up."
Furyia sighed.
"I'm sorry… it's too late.  It was a pleasure to be with you.  Take care of our daughter…"
"No… Please…"
Furyia smiled weakly, before saying the words I dreaded to hear coming from her mouth.
"See you on the other side…"
I watched as Furyia rested her head on the ground, fainting.
"Furyia, wake up."  I pleaded, nudging her a bit more forcefully, hoping that she would wake up.
"Furyia, please wake up…"
But she didn't.
I felt the tears well up inside my glowing eyes as the inevitable truth sank in.
"No… please god, no…"
She was gone.  Just like in the dream.
I sat for a moment, crying over Furyia's body, then sat up and roared to the night sky, letting my roar speak for all the bottled up pain and heartbreak I had experienced with her.
"Now that she's dead, you're next." The Collector laughed while his Charizard laughed just as menacingly while stepping slowly towards me: its colossal feet leaving mighty dents in the sand.
I felt a fury that I had never felt before boil up in my heart.  It felt as though I was about to burst into flames from all the rage building up in my veins.  I started snarling in pain; Hyperventilating from the colossal amount of fury and raw energy pumping through my body.
"No more…"
I roared so loudly that I scared off almost every Pokemon in the area: Including Aggron, but strangely, not My Pokemon or the Charizard.  As I let fly with the roar, my body was suddenly engulfed in a bright white glow…
I was evolving.
My claws painfully lengthened; becoming the same 7 inches long knife-like claws in my dream.  My horns sprouted longer and straightened out.  My tail exploded in pain as it split in two and grew thicker, growing the long bone blades out of each one.  The skin along my back ripped in half as the countless dozens of long bladed spines burst from my spine and my skull crunch as it grew out another inch or two, with my two front fangs bursting from my jaw as they lengthened explosively to around six inches…
The raw energy bubbling away inside me calmed down as the white light faded.  Snarling at the Charizard, I roared in my new voice.
Somewhere distantly, I heard the Charizard roar in response, unleashing a Hyper Beam at me.  Acting out of instinct, I held my new twin-tails in front of me like a shield, fragmenting the attack and sending the divided beams of energy into the sand dunes behind me.
Before I knew it, I was tackling the dragon to the ground, roaring in its terrified face before lowering my head to sink my dagger-like fangs into its fleshy neck.
"Jack!  Stop!"
I let go of the Charizard, my fangs just barely managing to break the skin.
"What do you want Peter?" I snarled, glaring at the morph that appeared behind me with my glowing red eyes.
"Killing them isn't going to make you feel any better." Peter said, stepping forwards and placing a paw on my shoulder.
"… I think it will!" I growled, lashing out at Peters arm with my bladed tails, putting a small cut in it before leaping and sinking my fangs into the Charizards tail as it held it up to protect itself.
"Jack!  Stop it Now!" Peter screamed, throwing a large Aura Sphere to dislodge me from the Charizards tail.  The Charizard didn't try for a counterattack, knowing that I was even more dangerous than ever having evolved: instead turning and flying for its life with a stream of blood dripping from its lacerated tail.
"You dare stand between me and my prey?!" I roared, turning every last scrap of my aggression towards the insolent Lucario, feeling two heads of pure fire burst out of my shoulders and roar at the Pokemon.
"What…?" Peter stammered: taken by surprise by my violent outburst.  I simply took a deep breath and roared at him while my other two heads spat huge columns of fire at him, forcing him to dive for cover.
"Jack, What are you doing-ACK!" was all he managed to cry out before I drove my bladed tails into the ground either side of his neck and cinch them tight: cutting off his air.
"There is nothing left for me here: why do you deny me the chance for my revenge?" I snarled; my fire heads snapping at him whilst completely oblivious to the fact that the Collector had ran for his life.
"Be- Because She won't forgive you for it!" Peter choked; desperately clawing at my tails, trying to dislodge them.
I simply laughed at this with a very uncharacteristic sadistic tone to my voice.
"She's dead.  How can she not forgive me when she isn't even alive?"
Peter simple gave a choking laugh and pointed to her body.
"What makes you think she's dead?"
I turned to her lifeless body and was horrified when I saw her starting to stir.  Peter took my lapse in concentration to free himself, but I absently started wandering to her.
"Furyia…?" I whispered.  Furyia didn't say anything, but simply looked at me.
I gazed into Furyia's eyes, seeing my horrific reflection in her tears, utterly ashamed and disgusted at what I had become; so much so that the fiery heads on my shoulders went out..
"I… I…" I couldn't even say it for the tears flowing into my eyes.
"I'm… a monster."
And with that, I turned and ran, refusing to turn back despite Peter and Furyia's pleas.


I blearily opened my eyes, unable to see from the darkness and feeling the soft caress of warm blankets on my fur.  I tried to sit up, but I felt a strong paw hold me down.
"Don't move; you're still recovering from that Gunshot wound." I heard a feminine say gently.
"Where… Where am I?" I moaned weakly, looking to where I thought the voice came from.
"You're at Jacks House.  You're safe."  She paused for a moment before calling out.  "Peter, she's awake!"
"I'll be there in a minute." A male voice replied from outside the room.  I moaned in pain as I turned over in the bed.
"What happened?"
"That cruel Art Collector was so angry at Jack for destroying his Master Ball that he tried to shoot him.  However, he missed and hit you instead.  Jack stopped him and we handed him over to the police."
"And who are you?  I've never heard your voice before."
"You've heard me dozens of times, but not like this.  I'm Furyia."
"Furyia…?  You mean Jack's Houndoom Furyia?"
"Yes, that's me."
"But… How am I able to-?"
"Understand me?  I'm sorry, but-"
Furyia stopped as I heard the door creak open, filling the room with a faint gold glow.  I squinted against the light and saw the silhouette of a Lucario walk over to me.
"Jack…?" I moaned.
"No, I'm not Jack.  He disappeared almost 2 weeks ago.  I'm sorry I didn't warn you sooner about the clipping; I was an idiot for forgetting what those Items could do."
"Peter, will you stop beating yourself up?  It was an honest mistake, nothing more." A Psychic voice rang out from my opposite side.
"Who's that?" I whispered.
"Oh, I'm sorry.  Sarah, this is Aurora; She's a Latias and Peters closest friend."
"Peter…?  Doesn't he live in Sinnoh?"
"He does, but he got Aurora here to Teleport him here after I told him what had happened to you." Furyia said, gently placing a paw on my shoulder.
"He came just to- ohh…" I moaned, feeling a bit dizzy.
"Rest now: I'll tell you everything when you're feeling stronger."
I would have complained, but I felt immensely sleepy and drifted back to sleep without another word.

I woke up about 2 days later to the feeling of something cold being sprayed on my chest.  I suddenly flinched and put a paw to my chest.
"Ah!  You're awake." Jack said, surprised at my sudden movement.  "How do you feel?"
I yawned and sat up, looking at Jack, who was wearing his black and silver goggles, despite it being what looked like midnight: The room lit by the gentle flicker of a single candle on the desk.
"I feel much better, thanks.  Although it would be a lot nicer if I wasn't sitting on my tail." I said, shifting my sitting position so that I wasn't sitting on my sore tail.  Jack just leaned back and crossed his arms; an ever so faint smile crossing his face as if he were waiting for something.
"Umm, what are you looking at?" I asked, confused.
"I'm just waiting for the moment where you realise exactly what you just said." Jack said, watching me intently.
"What?  That I feel a lot better?"
"That it would be nicer if I weren't sitting on… my… tail?"
"There it is."
I hesitantly looked over my shoulder and saw a short, bright yellow tail poking out of my back.  Slowly, I turned around and looked at my paws.  Instead of hands, I had a pair of blue paws with a large spike jutting out of my wrists.
"I'm… a… Lucario?" I said slowly, struggling to absorb my new appearance.
"Yeah." Jack said, the smile disappearing from his face, only to be replaced by a look of pure guilt.  "I'm sorry I didn't warn you before."
"Warn me about what?" I asked, distracted from my furry paws for a moment.
"The Fur Clipping.  While I was in Sinnoh, I was performing research with Peter about that clipping and dozens of items just like it.  The items are somehow enchanted with some form of magic from Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh, which causes the wearer to be transformed into a Poke-Morph."  Jack said, sitting down on his desk chair.
"A Poke-Morph: what are they?" I asked, looking back at my furry body.
"They're normal people that have been transformed into a Pokemon or have the ability to transform to and from a Pokemon Form.  Depending on the item, they will get transformed into Different Pokemon, such as you with the Shiny Lucario Fur.  As far as I know, you will be able to transform back and forth between your Pokemon and Lucario Forms with enough practice, but I'm not sure in your case as the clippings power was divided between you and Lucario."  Jack said, leaning forward in his chair, resting his chin on his hands.
My head was swimming with all of this new information, but despite the unending string of questions that flooded my mind, there was only one that I wanted an answer to:
"But, if I'm a Lucario now, how are you able to understand me?  Shouldn't I be speaking like a Lucario now?"
"You are."  Jack said simply, straightening up.
"Then, how can you understand me?"
"Because you and I are more alike now than you realise."
When I gave him a confused look, Jack simply sighed for a moment and removed his goggles.  I was startled when instead of his normal blue-green eyes; I saw a pair of bright silver ones gazing back at me, illuminated by the soft light from the candle.
"Just like your Fur Clipping turned you into one, my Houndoom Fang is what turned me into a Poke-Morph." Jack said, standing up and having a stretch.
"Hang on.  You're that Houndoom from a few nights ago!" I realised, remembering the gold Houndoom that saved me and Lucario from the Collector.
"Yeah, that was me." Jack said, sitting down at the foot of the bed.  "After Aggron knocked me into the trees, I decided to have a little revenge on that moron, so I turned into what you saw there and had my way with him."
"I wish I was awake to see what happened afterwards." I smirked, wishing that I was able to stay awake for it.  "Oh, that reminds me; How's Lucario?  Is he alright?"
"He's fine as far as I know."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I haven't been in contact with anyone bar you in the last 2 weeks.  I needed some time alone to comprehend and control my new powers as Houndread."
"Houndread?  What's that?"
Jack simply gave a heavy sigh.  It bore so much emotion that I could actually feel the sorrow even without my Aura Sight.
"It's what I am now.  I've been doing some secluded research and discovered something rather depressing about my new shape." Jack said, pulling something off his silver shoulder plate.
"What's that?" I asked, feeling rather concerned.
"Listen for yourself."  There was a small click and a computerised voice rang out: Jack had switched on his PokeDex.

"HOUNDREAD: the Chaos Werewolf Pokemon.  The Evolved Form of Houndoom.  Houndread have become extinct in both captivity and the wild as the gene for the rage and sorrow required for their evolution has been virtually bred out.  Houndread, along with the Screech Pokemon: Misdreavus and its evolution: Mismagius are the only three Pokemon in existence able to learn the move Pain Split and is among the most fearsome and deadly Non-Legendary Pokemon in existence.  The Myth of Houndread's unfathomable power came from the old belief that Houndread was the living incarnation of Cerberus; the  myth being born from the fiery paw prints that a Houndread leaves behind when it runs, the pair of heads made of fire that sprout from its neck and the devastating Fire and Darkness attacks that it can perform."

Jack said nothing as he put the PokeDex back in the slot on his shoulder plate.
"So you see my problem?  Especially with my new Daughter; I can't risk my new form scarring her or anyone else until I can fully control it."
"But I'm sure Furyia and Peter would like to know that you are alright, and Furyia is going to love you no matter what you are." I said, a tear rolling down my muzzle.  Jack gave a faint smile and placed his hand on my shoulder.
"You always were the most compassionate person I ever met.  Tell you what: I'll let you decide when you think I'm ready to rejoin my family.  Every day, I travel to Mt. Pyre's peak to relax and focus my powers at 5:00 in the afternoon: I find it easier to relax at dusk.  When you think I'm ready, go to the peak at 6:00." Jack said, getting up and climbing out the window onto the grass and turning into his morph form: The most terrifying Houndoom I had ever seen.  Houndread.
"I'll see you when you believe I'm ready." And ran off into the night, leaving a trail of burning paw prints in the grass: his fiery heads lighting the way.
I kept Jacks visit a secret from everyone for almost a week before I decided that it was high time that Furyia and Jack reunited.  One afternoon, whilst we were having some sweet Pecha Berries from one of the Berry Trees in Jacks Plantation, I decided to get them to meet up.
"Hey, do you want to go to Mt. Pyre later tonight?  It'll be interesting to see what the views like from the peak at night." I said casually.
"Why?  I thought you hated Ghost-Type Pokemon?" Peter asked, looking at me in curiosity.
"I do, but I'm starting to get used to them.  The reason is I had a dream the other night: where I was standing on Mt. Pyres Peak in the evening and I find Jack there."
"Sarah; it's a dream.  I doubt it will happen in real life." Aurora said, taking a small nibble at a berry while carrying two large Pink, Blue and Cream white eggs in her arms.
"I know that:  I just realised that I'd never seen Mt. Pyre at dusk.  As Jack would say: The View would be pretty spectacular."
Furyia didn't say anything.  She just looked down at her legs where a large black and orange egg was nestled between her front legs with a tear in her eyes.  She was very distraught that Jack had seemingly abandoned her.
"Furyia, please… Calm down.  I'm sure Jack will come back when he's ready."
Furyia gave a little sniff.
"That's what I'm afraid of.  What if he believes he's too dangerous to be near me?  What if he-?"
"Furyia, Please.  Jack hasn't abandoned you; he's too nice for that." Peter said, tossing the uneaten remains of the berry he was eating into the lake, where it was promptly snapped up by a Golduck.  "I could tell by the look in his eyes that he would return to your side when he was ready, and knowing Jack; he'll make sure that he can fully control his new powers before coming back."
Aurora looked like she was about to say something, but then paused when the sound of someone panting came over the cliffs.
"Who's that?" Aurora asked, getting up and floating over to the cliff.  She squeaked and dived down for a minute before coming back up with a rather severely injured Glaceon with a Camera in its mouth.
"What the?!" I squealed, hurrying over to the Pokemon: On its chest were a number of deep slashes and the faint smell of burning flesh.
"Help… Me… Please…!" The Glaceon choked: both in excruciating pain and utterly terrified of something; obviously whatever had done this to it.
"Get him inside!  Those wounds are quite severe." Furyia said, helping carry the Glaceon inside.  Peters dexterity with his paws far exceeded anyone else, so he was the one who applied the healing potions and burn heals.
The Glaceon was still panting in fear, but no longer in pain from the cuts on its body.
"I didn't think that Glaceon were native to this area…" Aurora murmured, looking at the distraught Pokemon.
"They're not." Peter said; picking up what looked like a small ice coated stone on a string around the Glaceons neck, looking as if he had seen it before.  "Where did you get this?"
"A friend of mine in Sinnoh: He sent it to me a few months ago, but it didn't arrive in the mail until yesterday." The Glaceon stammered, looking fearfully at Peter.  I didn't need to be psychic to know what had happened: He was another Poke-Morph friend of Peters who got transformed.
"Do you remember your name?" I asked calmly, trying to distract him from whatever was troubling him.
"C- Colin." He murmured, shivering slightly.  Furyia hurried out of the room for a minute, then came back with a large heat bag; sliding it under the Glaceon because there were large crystals of Ice forming on the pillow where it lay.
"Do you remember what happened?" Aurora asked, looking at him with a motherly concern in her eye.
"Just… Look at my camera.  It has everything on there." The Glaceon slurred: drifting off into a recovering sleep.  I tucked him in with a warm and soft quilt while Furyia took the camera and plugged it into Jacks Computer System with a little bit of difficulty.  The computer started projecting the contents onto the wall: six Photos and two video clips were saved onto the cameras memory.
"There's not much on there." Furyia muttered, opening the photos first.  She and everyone else in the room got the shock of their life when it was Jack and the boy both as a human standing on the S.S. Tidal!
"But… That was only three weeks ago!" Furyia stammered: looking an aghast at the photos as they showed what looked like Colin's little brother and a Pidgeotto too.
I know that there are going to be HUNDREDS of you that are going to want to kill me for this, but I've written still too much to have the rest as one piece.

So to tide you over: here's Part 2!

I'll keep you posted when I do some more to part 3.

I get the feeling that I've gone a little off track somehow, but I wanted to explore a more darker and violent side to my characters. Let me know what you think.

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